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Community Association Certificates and Documents

This website is designed to help title companies, closing agents and owners obtain the documents, certificates and forms needed to facilitate the sale of property governed by a community association. We will do our best to process your resale and lending information as quickly and accurately as possible.

Use of the online system requires payment by credit card and additional information (association name, property address, seller's name, buyer's name, closing date, etc.) is required upon checkout. A user registration and login can be created to simplify the process for frequent users. The preferred method of delivery is via email. However, we can deliver by fax upon request.

If you prefer to pay by check and mail your request or receive your documents by mail, please click the "Apply by Mail" link below for instructions.

Florida Statutes require that the seller provides the buyer with a set of the association's documents. If these are not available from the seller they may be ordered on this website.


If there is a master association or any other entity or facility managed by Leland Management you will need an additional document for each entity.

If an account is with an attorney for collections additional payoff figures will be required from the attorney. Attorney contact information will be included with the certificate.

Any associations that require a pre-approval letter for the buyer should be obtained in advance. If pre-approval has not been completed prior to the purchase of any certificates or documents it will cause a delay.

Verification letter is valid for 30 days.

The following items may be ordered on this website. Please click on the appropriate link or items below to place your order for any of the following items.